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A Division of United Marketing Inc.

Managing Condominium and Homeowner Associations in the Puget Sound area of Washington State

[ Company History ]

United Marketing was founded in 1972 for the purpose of managing multi-family properties in the Western United States. Since its formation, the purpose of the company has expanded to include management of condominiums and homeowner associations and the formation of Condominium Management in 1996, a division of United Marketing, Inc. The corporation is chartered in the State of Washington and the company is organized within the framework of a centralized decision making process. There are no extraneous levels of management between the people responsible for the success of the project.

The condominium management industry has matured significantly since 1995. We believe that condominiums and homeowner’s associations have become a permanent life style choice for Puget Sound homeowners as opposed to a stepping stone to other types of housing. This maturity has brought about a more sophisticated homeowner in the operations of their associations as well as more regulations by the State, such as mandatory reserve studies. We believe the homeowner now recognizes the value of professional property management and view this business relationship as valuable, important, and on going.

Our goal is not to be the largest condominium management company in the Puget Sound Area, but to be the best. We set out to provide the level of service, competence and attention to details our clients expect.

[ Conclusion ]

Condominium Management believes that time, training, execution, and follow-up is the key to successful operation of Homeowner Associations. We believe this can best be accomplished through the TEAMWORK approach.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please fill out the “MGMT Proposal” form if you would like more information on our company or visit the “Services” link for a list of our comprehensive services. We also post informative information under the “Documents” section of this website on industry trends, management tips, and educational information for homeowners and board of directors.

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Condominium Management
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